Hoocy app - how to use? What is it?

hey everyone so here is this app which is called hussy so it's one of the top apps in this puzzle category so to install it just type gut and this app is basically a fun puzzle mask game so you can just try to improve your calculation skills and get as many as possible like correct answers to some like mass problems so yeah here is how the app looks like you can just go to settings quantity workbook vip and then you can just to remove ads you can subscribe for like 1.99 per week or 29.99 per year or 4.99 per month so let's try it so okay so what would be the correct uh so like four point eight what's going on here okay yeah so it's like pretty complicated actually okay eight uh 10 80. nine multiplied by thirteen ninety so yeah so you have 30 seconds to solve this puzzle one i don't know so that's basically the app yeah you can skip the steps here i don't know the answer to this minus something minus i don't know so yeah that's the idea so yeah that's basically how the app looks like yeah uh so that's your score you can see details and then yeah you can see correct answers you can see your answers and yeah that's yeah just improve your math skills can be nice if you are preparing for some school exams or something like that hope it was helpful please leave reviews leave comments like this video and subscribe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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