How do you delete your own bot in Chai app?

here's the question from one of my viewers on youtube channel how do you delete your own bot in chai app i don't think you can delete it so that's right i don't think you can delete your bot in chai app so if you go to the app here it is basically you can just go there and then you see your bots so here is your my bot i created it i can edit it i can change name i can change details uh and can change messages i can change prompt i can submit it but there is no option to delete it so you can't yeah you can basically recreate the bot you can change everything and it will influence the algorithm and it will regenerate everything but you can't delete bot and then create a new one i don't know why is that probably it can influence all these like ranks and engagement conversations and all of that so that's basically what it is hope it is helpful

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