Hey everyone! Today, I'm excited to share a comprehensive overview of my experience verifying with WorldCoin Orb in the World app. I began my journey collecting World coins back in the summer of 2023, and finally achieved the Genesis Grand in June. To unlock my reserved grants, verification with the orb was necessary.

Here's a breakdown of the verification process I underwent:

  1. Create an appointment.
  2. Remember to bring a photo ID for verification.
  3. Book an appointment in your preferred location.

I chose to travel to Germany for the verification process. Upon arriving at the WorldCoin Orb location in Berlin, I found a secure and efficient process in place. Following the required steps, including showing my booking and ID, I was successfully verified.

After verification, a whole new world of opportunities opened up. I received an additional welcome grant and was able to claim all my reserved grants from the past. Although some initial glitches occurred, things smoothed out within 24 hours.

The process was quick and efficient for me, allowing me to claim all my reserved grants promptly. While some may face challenges, persistence pays off, as evidenced by my success.

For those considering selling their World coins, transferring them to exchanges like Binance seems to be a popular choice due to limitations in direct selling. By following simple steps to send World coins to an exchange, users can access a broader market for trading.

Overall, my experience with WorldCoin Orb was positive, despite some initial apprehensions. With a bit of patience and perseverance, navigating the world of WorldCoin can be a rewarding venture. If you're curious about WorldCoin or have questions, feel free to explore the dedicated subreddit or drop a comment for further discussion.

Thank you for joining me on this journey into the world of WorldCoin Orb verification. Let's continue to explore the possibilities this exciting tech realm has to offer!

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