How LONG does CASH APP PENDING status take?

so how long does cash up pending payment status take in case you see this this notification right now um yeah so usually it shouldn't be like you know that long it it can be just like a few minutes or like in the worst case but if you're checking it out just these days probably you're just part of this outage so if you go to you can see that on may 26 that have they had still unresolved incident as for now connection issues and um if you go to this status page and you see that there is a result an incident that basically means that there is no estimated time when like this pending payment status can be resolved so as you can see that just says if your transaction is pending please do not throw attempt at this time and it can take like hours even days so like that's what it is because seems the cash app has some kind of outage and it's kind of a bit down so yeah we are continuing to investigate the issue causing depending pending payments and we'll share additional updates here as we learn more it's a reminder and if your transaction is fine please do not try attempt at this time thank you for your continued passions understanding while we work to resolve this so there is no estimated time when this issue can be fixed but that's what it is at the moment and yeah i hope hope this overview can be helpful uh if you have any other updates please just comment down this video

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