How many boosts your Telegram channel needs to enable stories?

How many boosts does your Telegram channel need to enable stories? That seems to be the burning question among Telegram channel admins. In a recent video transcript, the process of enabling stories on a Telegram channel was explained, shedding some light on the requirements.

To enable stories on your Telegram channel, you need to tap the plus sign and then navigate to the top right corner of the screen, where you will find the option to enable stories. However, it seems that there is a catch. Your channel needs one more boost before it can start posting stories.

Boosts serve as a metric to determine the level of your channel and its ability to post stories. To post one story per day, you typically need to reach level one. The number of boosts required depends on the size of your channel. Larger channels with a significant subscriber count may need thousands of boosts or a percentage of premium users to achieve this level.

If your channel boasts a million subscribers, don't expect one boost to be sufficient. It could take tens of thousands of boosts or a proportionate level of engagement from your premium users. To get a clearer picture of how many boosts you need, you can check your analytics, which will provide insights like "one boost to level up."

Enabling stories on your Telegram channel can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to understanding the specific boost requirements. However, once you grasp the concept, you can strategize and work towards reaching the necessary level for unleashing the power of stories on your channel.

So, whether you are a Telegram channel admin with a small or large following, be prepared to put in the effort to accumulate the required boosts. With persistence and a well-curated channel, you'll be able to unlock this exciting feature and engage your audience through the world of Telegram stories.

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