How many hints can you see in NGL app? I just upgraded!

I recently upgraded to the NGL app and discovered an interesting feature that caught my attention - hints. These hints provide valuable information about various aspects of a message, giving users more insight into their conversations. Intrigued, I decided to explore just how many hints I could find within the app.

Upon opening the upgraded version of NGL, I immediately noticed a message that displayed seven hints. As far as I could tell, this is the maximum number of hints I have encountered so far. These hints include details such as the location, time sent, software used, carrier, ISP, and the mention of NGL 80. Additionally, there was a unique hint that revealed information about friends, similar to the connections on Instagram.

Curiosity piqued, I delved further into the app and discovered that some messages contained fewer hints. In one instance, I only saw three hints, specifically the time sent, software, and gel ID. Despite this discrepancy, when I revisited messages where I initially found seven hints, they remained consistent.

In general, it seems that NGL tends to provide six to seven hints per message. However, it's worth noting that this number can occasionally vary, as evidenced by the message with three hints. Nevertheless, the inclusion of these hints enhances the user experience by offering additional context and details.

The ability to see friends within the NGL app is another notable feature. This feature allows users to view connections similar to those found on social media platforms like Instagram. It adds a sense of familiarity and connectivity within the messaging environment.

In conclusion, the NGL app's upgraded version introduces hints, which serve as informative tidbits embedded within messages. These hints offer insight into various aspects of the message, including the location, time sent, software, carrier, ISP, and even the presence of friends within the app. With the maximum number of hints in a single message being seven, users can gain a deeper understanding of their conversations. So, if you're looking to enhance your messaging experience, I would recommend giving NGL a try.

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