How many videos per day can you make in Locket app?

How many videos per day can you make in Locket app? According to a video transcript, it appears that you can record around five videos in the Locket widget. This limitation is likely due to storage constraints, as Locket does not offer unlimited storage like Instagram does.

If you attempt to send a large number of videos, you may find that this feature is disabled, as reported by the video transcript. The exact duration of this limitation is unclear - whether it applies for a day or a week is unknown. Nevertheless, it is evident that there is a limit in place.

One notable detail is that you cannot continuously record and delete videos in Locket. The transcript emphasizes that this is not possible, suggesting that once recording and sending capabilities are exhausted, you will need to wait until the feature is re-enabled.

It's worth noting that Locket is designed for a specific purpose and may not have the same capabilities as other video-focused apps. While the precise reasons behind the video limitation are not explicitly mentioned in the transcript, it is likely a deliberate choice in order to manage resources and provide a smooth user experience.

Although this transcript provides some insight into the video recording limitations in the Locket app, it is always recommended to consult the app's official documentation or support channels for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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