How MUCH ARE ENS DOMAINS? Depending on character length

so i didn't know it so how much does it cost to register an ethereum name and it depends because i didn't know that three character it's your name so that's a minimum limit so you can't register two character ethereum name but three character ethereum name costs 640 dollars in a touring per year four characterime costs 160 return per year and then five plus character uh they just cost five dollars in ethereum per year so yeah um that's that's that um if you type like yeah also you can register with emojis but if you type like very short like i don't know three character first it's they're all taken like for example this one three character you can see that's like 698 dollars but then if you type something longer then it's like of course this depends on the gas fuse then it's cheaper so that's that

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How to get .COM domain in cheap | Get .COM domain in Rs.229
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