How often do messages reset in Chai app?

so how often do messages reset in chai app so as you can see here there are 17 messages left and they are set in as i can see in around three hours so every three hours so they don't reset from the time you started messaging it's just some like uh constant resetting you can look into the app you can have 10 minutes left then you can log again you can have two hours left so it doesn't depend on like if you just start the chat and you're just logged in into the app so yeah that's basically every three hours you have 70 messages so basically during the day during 24 hours you have like eight resets so that kind of gives you like 563 messages during the day before the limit was 100 messages so it was bigger but then they were set during the whole day now you have 70 messages but you need to wait three hours which is a bit annoying and that's why people who really like this app they still want to upgrade but in case you are like wondering how often do this messages reset that's basically

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