How often do MESSAGES RESET in CHAI app?

so here is chai app so how often do messages reset here so they recently introduced 100 free messages per 24 hours uh if you want to get more messages you will need to upgrade so that's basically it 13.99 per month and messages are reset every 24 hours a lot of people are asking the app reviews that they would like to have messages reset every six hours or like 12 hours but 24 hours is too long and especially if you if you want to yeah so for example if i just tap here uh i can see that i already have 98 messages left and they will reset every 24 hours so i don't know if they will reset after like 12 a.m or just from the time i send my message and then i need to wait another 24 hours or it's just like they reset like every day from like uh zero zero am or something like that um so i don't know like what's your opinion on that i also heard that it should be like 200 messages for every user but since it's only for selected accounts i have option to have 200 daily messages but yeah like yeah some people say it's a bit too expensive 14 per month but yeah

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