How old do I look - app overview. Is it legit?

everyone so here is the app which is called how old do i look um so this is the office wise for features celebrity look-alike features and the idea is that you can just know your age from your selfie and yeah you can see which celebrities are look alike to you and all of that so that's the app i think there are many apps like this um uh so yeah so that's the app basically it's around 100 megabytes it has 8 000 carat 8600 reviews 4.1 average review so probably it's not that precise but still super interesting to check out this app and see how it works so that's the idea so let's just open this app uh you can allow notifications and then what is your age so let's just uh yeah so for example here not the best photo and then you can use this app okay so let's try again and then okay so you need to have a more clearer photo here and then the app is just scanning and then it just calculates your edge so yeah you can see that according to this age is like 24 and then you can just download and share and share this with your friends or like so that show them like this is how i look like uh so yeah that's the idea uh basically of this app uh so that's how it works um also there is five swap choose an image and swap your face celebrity look alike but then i guess there is an ad so you need to go through the ad process here and and that is quite long so sorry for for that um yeah if you search in the app store there are a bunch of apps like that but i have found that exactly as this app has the biggest amount of reviews um and it's even in the top 100 charts of us apps in the category of graphic and design so that's kind of fun um so yeah i think that's the app which people are interested in so here again let's just explore uh so use photo and let's see how precise is this so now it's again it's scanning and then it's okay so apart from ad it wants uh some premium account which removes ads unlimited ai h detections and then 4.99 per week three days free and then it's locked so there you have it so it's a premium feature so yeah face swap and celebrity look alike premium features and then that's your account uh you can see more apps from this developer uh so that's that's about it um so hope this was helpful English (auto-generated)                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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