How TipJar works in app?

so here is a post news app and they have this deep gr feature this is how it works so under any post you can just basically tap tip and then you can just keep like user for specific posts which you find uh nice or interesting and then you can just tip that person you can also add custom points so if you want like add something like this but you need to have post balance if you just join post news you you're getting 50 promotional points so that's free but then uh you can add post points so you can do it like this here so you can buy 300 points for 420 for example or yeah and then you can just keep creators uh uh that's it so this is the way you can monetize uh your content Outpost news app or other creators can earn revenue on post news app also it is possible to create a paywall on the post News app uh so I hope this is helpful

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