How to ACCEPT A FRIEND REQUEST in obimy app?

so to accept friend requests in the bimi app you just need to someone to send you an invite link so basically here it is you go in the app and in white you can also just share your link your you know messages and all of that um and then the other person should click on this link but i just tried it and it didn't work and i then i figure out why it didn't work so you need to go to a bimi app already create your account and when you have your account created only then you need to tap this link so and then yeah your friends already but then you just will see that friend added so you need to already have an account you have your app installed account created and only that click on annotation link if you just have app installed but you not logged in this inviting won't work you will just see the black screen um yeah obviously also yeah if you don't have app installed sims is also won't work so something around that i hope it clarifies things and you don't spend time on different bugs and stuff

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