so in case you are confused in this video i will show you how to accept friend requests in burial app because it's a bit not in that intuitive for some reason and some people are confused so first of all if you have a new friend request you will see this red circle in the top left so you see this icon with friends these people and then you will see red circle to the next to it it means you have a new friend request and then you just need to scroll and tap in the bottom request and near the request tax in the bottom you will see number red number so that means you have two or one or whatever friend requests and then you can just accept them so something like this and then you have one left and then you can accept them again so yeah that's basically how it works now you accepted two friends and these people now will appear in your friends tab then you will see total number of friends displayed here so yeah it's a bit counterintuitive i don't know why requests are hidden as the third tab and you need to scroll from suggestions to requests uh but that's what it is so a lot of users actually confused and asking me in the videos how to do it so there you have it hope this quick tutorial was helpful

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