How to accept new YouTube Shorts Partner agreement in YouTube studio app?

hi everyone so how to enable new YouTube terms and start earning revenue from shorts so I noticed that actually if you just open your YouTube studio app on mobile at least on iOS make sure you updated your app to the latest version you can easily just enable it just from your mobile app and it's super easy to do um yeah because like uh so this is YouTube Studio apps this is not YouTube this is another app so search for UT YT Studio and then just go to the earn tab in the bottom right and then yeah you can already see these new terms so you can just go to this uh terms and then you will see these blue buttons to enable that so you need to read it carefully so there are like base terms which you need to accept to continue monetizing the standard YouTube ads on longer videos like there are like patch watch ads like these are the same ads you have now and then there are new short feeds ads and then uh they're already here so you need to read it carefully and then tap agree and confirm so you can just do it from YouTube studio app on mobile just super also easy to read some people prefer even to do it on mobile because sometimes on YouTube studio and desktop yeah anyways whatever you like and then you can just enable that there is also membership terms which are terms related to like your members your perks and like another stream of Revenue which is huge for some creators it's not that big for other creators uh but yeah you can also accept and enable them here then you can enable also supers shopping and all of that after basically you enable these shorts uh terms maybe you can start earning some Revenue maybe small or something like that starting from February so 94 it's just depending how many short views you have it's like a new niche um like yeah YouTube is competing with stick talk so we never know like how it will evolve but of course it's interesting and you definitely need to do it like why not so yeah definitely just try to do it uh easy from a mobile app go to earned app and enable this already it's already available

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