How to accept your grant in World app with World id?

Hey there! If you're wondering how to accept your grant in the World app with your World ID, we've got you covered. Here's a breakdown of the process based on the video transcript:

  • To accept your grant in the World app, first, verify with Orb.
  • Ensure you have a verified Orb and World ID before proceeding.
  • Once verified, you no longer need to claim the grant manually. Simply tap on "Accept."
  • People with your verified World ID can then claim this World Coin grant associated with your account.
  • Just tap on "Claim" after accepting. This action will verify the claim and process the grant.

After claiming the grant, here's what you can expect:

  1. The claimed grant will be reflected in your wallet within 48 hours.
  2. Keep an eye out for notifications about upcoming grants to ensure you don't miss out on future opportunities.

Remember, the process may vary if you choose to verify without Orb. If that's the case:

  • Reserve the grants first.
  • To fully claim them, you will need to go through the verification process with Orb.

That's the gist of accepting your grant in the World app using your World ID. Once you've gone through the acceptance process, allow up to 48 hours for the grant to appear in your wallet. Stay tuned for more grants and happy claiming!

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