How to accepts events in iOS calendar?

so here is iphone ios 14 and how to accept calendar invites so if you got like your ios calendar in white in the calendar app you will see this red bubble in top right with the number and then in box in the bottom right also have a number so i just got like signed up for two events on even bride and it automatically created some event invitations um so you see recreated that automatically from evan bright and evan bright and you just found that in my l so what i can do here i can just add to calendar or ignore um here i can see the calendar series suggestions alerts url and see all of that so yeah i can just tap add to calendar and here i again add to calendar but you need to double check uh because sometimes it's already created in your calendar so yeah it's automatically created but sometimes siri just finds that in its own way and also creates that event so just check it out but that's how you accept and add events in your ios calendar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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