How to add 3 Words game in NGL app?

so in ngl apps there is a new uh feature which is called games so now you not only can ask like anonymous questions but you can select specific game and then there are three words game which or you can use to describe me it's rewards anonymously deal breaker or confessions and then uh yeah for example to place rewards just switch to that game here tap copy link and tap share and then your link will be opened on instagram and then yeah then you just proceed with the normal sync so just add link you just pass your link okay sometimes it's not copying um so then just tap past and then you just drag it here and then you can share it to your close friends or something and then for example if someone opens that here is the link what will happen this is how the game looks like it's just the fancy name for the game but it just says describe means rewards anonymously so it's just another suggestion how you can use this app it's just another sentence but here people will use it hope that is helpful

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