hello everyone so basically here on linkedin if you want to now add some job experience on linkedin web version and then you just tap plus here there is a new feature where you can add a career break so just add that so for example you know you have like intensive career you have a lot of job positions working in one corporation to another and then basically there is a new feature uh where you can just add why you wanted to take a career break experience outside linear career paths can make people better colleagues sort partners and leaders and then you can just share it with your network so this is kind of like a new feature and sometimes you know recruiters can ask you like what have you been doing like this three months or six months and this is like where you can just you know justify it on linkedin so there are no breaks and then here you can just select okay this is in russian for some reason but like change of career uh vacation uh got fired health travel uh volunteering and all this kind of like just focusing on your house and then you can add location you can add start date here you can uh uh yeah set like a profile headline you can add some links like explaining your position why you wanted to check take a career break and all of that and then it will it will also appear in your experience and it it is actually a growing trend that it's completely fine to take like even a long like career break and just focus on your health or focus on your family focus on your travel and in larger companies i think i've heard about netflix or something around it that they actually quite like appreciated that you have some periods of very focused active work for like you know like years then it's okay to take for example a year of break and really focus on your family and travel and all of that and then again you're just focusing on work uh with new powers relax and less stress or something like that so that's a new feature on linkedin in case you didn't know it yet you can do it now so you have less questions in one in case you want to add like you have all these questions from your future recruiters or employers and all of that

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