How to add a childs device in Google Family Link app?

hello so here is family link app from google and let's explore together how to set up kids device so like here there are options uh like your kids should have an email with gmail with google if they don't have that they will need to have that so yes and then you need to open settings on your keys device and go to google parental controls so i'll just show you here on the device so yeah i'm just using my camera so then i have this phone and then yeah it's just in ukrainian i have uh in the oops in the android menu i just have this option parental control so then i just um have these settings here then i set up that it's kid so then you can just and then you can just set up next and then you can just set up next here and then it just takes some time and then and then you just need to enter the like uh the parents google address from which you will do the control so i need to log in from there and then just enter the password there then let's just check in that

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