here is the bimi app and to add a friend or partner or colleague in this front you just need to tap in top left and then you can just add close ones so you can just click the button to invite the friends peer link in messenger or social media so for example i can tap invite via link and see what happens i can then just post it or copy that link or yeah just depending which apps you're using so for example just to show you how the link looks like so you can tap subject uh or whatever and then just send peer messengers whatsapp and the link looks like app dot of beamer dot com slash al link code and that's what you can use yup so that's basically the idea at the moment it's not possible to search by username this feature probably will be added later it's not possible you know to add via some phone number or by email uh yeah so just you need to create this unique link and then just add it like that hope this is helpful

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