so in newly released update of locate widget app there is a support for larger widgets uh what does it mean so basically if you want to add a widget you just tap here and then when you add a widget add a lock it and then there is your locket and basically that's it so now you have this larger widget so that's an update three days ago it wasn't there so now you have you just have a small widget but now you have also a large widget so let's add it so it's like monstrous uh so yeah you can see here it's a large widget it takes literally half of your screen and that's like how it looks like so if you really enjoy locket widget or enjoy seeing the photos from your friends or partner of family that's like because that's an ultimate widget you should have other apps also have medium widgets um like something between the small one and the large one is here here you just have a huge one and small one so small one is like this and in fact you can add multiple widgets at the moment you can have small one on one screen large one on another but probably this will be the same the same photos [Music] so yeah just in case you were looking yup you can add this large widget right now if you want to remove it if it's too large you can just tap here and remove it easily so hope that is helpful

Update lightning button CSS in Sale...
Update lightning button CSS in Salesforce Lightning Web Component
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