How to ADD A LINK to INSTAGRAM STORIES? October 2021 Update!

hey everyone so uh instagram enabled the loan awaited feature that now it is possible to add links in stores on all accounts so you not to be on some waiting list or some exclusive list now when you just create a story on your instagram account you can easily add the link and people can click on it so you do it by adding stickers just regular stickers as you add in this music or emojis but then there is a new link sticker so yeah when people tap on the stickers they will be redirected to add a link sticker capture uh upload a new story select the sticker tool in top right up the link sticker place the sticker on your story so they're also working on device to customize this sticker so it's clear um yeah so it can be more distinct so here you can see the sticker which is called link and i will just show it right now how it works so let's go to instagram here's instagram i'll just create a story and then here's the story hey everyone this is a story now you can add links to your instagram stories so now i just tap on sticker on top right and now here is a link and now i can just add link like this something like that and then just tap done and then i can just move it around and then i can just tap send and then share to my story um that's it now you can also share it on facebook i'm not sure if it will be shared on facebook and it will the link be available on facebook as well so that's the idea so hope that is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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