so to add a payment in the uh in your profile in booksy app you just go to profile in bottom right go to payments and then you just tap add payment card so here you can have first last name your card number all of these details and just tap save in the bottom and that should be it so why you need to do that um because then when you book your appointments here you can just go and book and then you can just book that but you don't need to uh yet to actually uh like yes you don't need to buy at the place i mean so you just booked it like uber like you know you booked it it's automatically paid when it's confirmed i guess or when you did the service something like that and then you just go to the place and you get the service so no need like in some cases to bring the cash or or thinking like hey do you accept like visa card a master card or like do you accept google play or something no you just add it here and then no issues so if you do a lot of like you know beauty services appointments fitness appointments like some health services nails haircuts all of that just try out this app book see it's pretty handy and it can save you some time

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