How to add a phone number to Google Meet app - to join meetings via call ins?

hello everyone so how to add a phone number to Google meet so yeah when you just download Google Meet app from IOS app store you can just directly add your phone number here and add in your front number lets you use meat to call others directly instead of sending a link so that's pretty handy especially on the mobile app you know when people just sharing links with you um like to join Google meet meeting in slack or like you know Microsoft teams forever yes and it includes this phone number so for some people you don't need the video anything you can just join your by calling and it's like quite handy actually if you're just going somewhere if you're commuting on transport uh or if you have poor 3G 5G Wi-Fi connection somewhere while traveling you can just you know just join we are calling and it's like pretty cool actually so yeah that's the idea I hope that can be helpful

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