How to add a Slack Workspace on mobile app?

hello so let's say uh on desktop slack uh you have multiple workspaces uh but on your mobile uh there is a different view of workspaces and you like you miss some so to add this workspace is also on mobile just tap add a workspace and then here you can just uh sign into another workspace or join another workspace and then you need to select the email address you used to have an account with that email workspace uh yeah you used on the desktop so i just have that and then when i did this i can just add all these workspaces here like this and then they will appear also on my mobile hopefully um so yes you can see now they just appeared here in the bottom so that's pretty cool that's how you can sign in also on mobile and then just have slack on your mobile and if you have some work slack you just can easily quickly reply to messages on mobile sometimes it's more convenient i hope that is helpful

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