How to add a Spotify/Apple Music song to your BeReal post?

Hey everyone,

If you're looking to add a Spotify or Apple Music song to your BeReal post, don't worry, it's actually quite easy. Here's a simple guide that will help you do that.

Firstly, make sure that you have connected your Spotify or Apple Music in the settings. This is important because if you don't connect it, you can't access your song library.

Once you've connected your account, open up BeReal and play the Spotify or Apple Music song you want to add to your post. Then, click on the audio icon at the bottom right of your screen. This will bring up a screen that shows "currently playing".

Now, to add the song to your post, you can choose to share it or disable it if you don't want it to be included. After you have made your selection, just tap on the song and it will be added to your post. The name of the song will appear below your BeReal post.

This feature is only available in a few countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, and a few others.

Finally, once your BeReal post is published, you can click on the song name and it will take you directly to Spotify or Apple Music where you can listen to the song.

In conclusion, BeReal's new feature is an excellent addition for music lovers. If you love music and want to share it with your friends, this feature is perfect for you. So go ahead and enjoy the feature to its fullest.

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