so to add the transparent setting in a vegetable app just tap on more tap in bottom right and tap on transparent setting and then one press on any empty space on your home screen until you see your apps jiggle and then you need to have steel one home screen empty so swipe there and then just take a screenshot so just depends on your iphone model how you would take a screenshot just take a screenshot of the blank home screen and upload it one press on the widget tab to edit widget and choose the position so anyways let's just take a screenshot of not empty but there you have it and then i just want to select a screenshot here two different wallpaper and ios dark and light mode and then that's it and now if i want to install the home widget this will just search for vegetable and then i can just select this install it and then tap edit widget and then choose and then customize and then set transparent setting and then select top left like this and then you will see how it works so that's basically but yeah as you can see i didn't select like a [Music] completely empty screen i just selected screen piece other apps so that's where i see that's how it works so yeah that's basically it i hope it is helpful uh yeah it's it's a nice new edition um how you can use widgets and then they just look a bit more clear and a bit more elegant

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