How to add a Widgetshare widget on iPhone?

hello here is widget share app so to add a widget share widget on iphone what you need to do um here is the app um first basically in the app you need to tap plus and create a new widget so every widget basically is dedicated to the uh to the specific group of people or like specific friend who you want to send your photos to and then you can just create this widget and then you need to select an image so you can give access your photos or select camera so then you can just select for example i just have this photo and then i can just send and upload the widget so then in this case i created my own widget so there is no point to add this widget on my phone so my friend should just copy this widget id and then have it on their device uh and then that's what they need to do for example imagine i'm a friend so then i tap add friends widget i tap widget name and then i copy widget id tab save and then the last step is as you can see here is a widget i'll just remove it to show you from the start so i just tap and hold until the app start to jiggle then i find the plus icon in top left or top right depending on your phone model and then i just find fidget share and then i just select the widget size so here you have small widget medium sized widget large widget then i just add widget and there you have it so now i just added this widget i can also tap edit and then here it's important that i need to choose the specific widget so this is my friend who just copied the widget then i just have that and now you see this photo which is being displayed here and when i send a new photo in my widget share app it should update here so something like that

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