How to add an invite code in BlueSky social app?

hey everyone in case you downloaded Blue Sky social app here's how to add a invite card in this app fortunately it's in private beta but it's been released to the App Store and you can freely download it it's not the test flight anything and to add an invite code just upgrade an account and then you can just add invite code you can scan tags and everything at the moment as I understand there are only like two three thousand of Better Private testers so the amount is very low mostly I think this is some like either a technical testers or some journalists from TechCrunch and stuff like that so yeah the amount of this invite codes is very limited at the moment hopefully it will just increase in coming weeks I just don't know why then you need to they needed to release this app publicly in the in the App Store uh probably exactly because they wanted to create all this um uh all this hype around it because you can see this app is in the top charts in social networking but only like 3000 people can have access to it and people looking for this invite codes is pretty hard to get one but yeah if you have one you can just put it here

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