so in this video we're gonna go through how to add a token to metamask well so here is my metamask account and the app token was just released by port apes club and yeah they just did like an uh airdrop as well so yeah this is my metamask extension i need to make sure i'm entering my net and then i just need to log in with my password uh so there you have it uh you just need then to select the account where you want to import your token and then here you have it then just scroll to the bottom depending how many tokens you have and then you can just [Music] search tokens and then you can also just search uh [Music] or maybe it's not there or just the better way is just to look for a custom token so then i just what i'm doing is just i can search for adder scan app [Music] to get like a contract address so here is uh uh you can get this one [Music] and on adder scan yeah just double check if it's the correct token because there is you see there is this one a coin but this h is like 339 days ago and there are just a few transactions and you can see that just a few holders and yeah so that's not the right one so you can see that this is uh also dao also it's non-fungible it's obviously nft and then you can see that this is the official website and yeah you can see that holders like 29 000 so and you can see all the transactions here uh there you have it so yep there you have it so what you can just do then copy contract address from here and then again go to meta mask so it was closed and then i just go to import token token address and then automatically these fields are populated and i just add like a this token and then an import token and there you have it now i will have app showing up in my metamask and i will see the balance in usd yeah so that's basically it that's how you can add it to metamask wallet i hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

EASILY Add Apecoin To Your Metamask...
EASILY Add Apecoin To Your Metamask Wallet
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