How to add Bing app Lockscreen widget on iPhone?

ones are updated Bing app it has chat GPT and also now being app supports lock screen widgets so you can just lock your screen and tap customize or you can go in Settings app go to wallpaper and then tap customize here oops something is just not uh working I was just exploring some apps so yeah let's just try it out so just go into wallpaper and then tap customize and then add widgets you need to have Bing app installed already and then yeah you can just install different trending voice search camera search text search Microsoft rewards daily wallpapers and then for example you can just tap on the text search and then you will instantly have it here um and then you can just tap done in the top right and then basically that's saved and yeah it will be done available to um yeah for you to search right from lock screen without unlocking your phone is pretty fast and convenient um hope that's helpful

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