How to add both profile picture & avatar in Instagram app? New feature!

so here's Instagram and they added a new feature where you can add boss profile picture and Avatar so here and then it just kind of flips like this um so here you can just add it to profile picture and then it will just be flipping so yeah a kind of cool feature it was just released I was just written intact crunch um so you can also follow that on on Instagram you can add your avatar to the other side of your picture and people who visit your profile can flip between the two um so yeah I think something like that let's just voice so yeah if they just watched you uh go to your Instagram page they can just flip the avatar uh okay Instagram's new Dynamic profile photo flips between your picture and Avatar um so yeah it's pretty cool interesting feature uh and yeah and you just need to upgrade to the latest version of Instagram app and this feature should be available to you as well

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