hello everyone so here is cheddar token and let's just explore how to add it to mata mask so if i want to buy chad i will just tap here and then uh it just says that steps how to's you need to get a wallet bitcoin based wallet meta mask some interviewing to your wallet from current base of binance connect your water to uni swap and then just buy chad in case then you want to import contract to your metamask wallet here is a contract address you can also just to do something like jada eater scan you have to basically see shadow token tracker and copy the token address from there so here you can just have your contract address so here you can just copy that and then here's the contract address and then i'll just open up my metamask and then from there i will just be able to have assets then import tokens so i can just import token oops something important so our custom token and there it is jada and then i'll just import it here so yep something like that there you have it

How To Add DAI To Your Metamask Wal...
How To Add DAI To Your Metamask Wallet
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