How to add clothing size in obimy app?

to add closing size and in a bimi app you just need to tap here and the in the bottom right from from your avatar kind of you see this icon remember when you wanted surprise a friend was a cool t but you didn't know size with the beam you making surprise surprises become simpler add your sizes and ask your friends to add theirs so here is for example you can select all the different sizes so hate you can just add it here you can save that and this obemy app will take care about the conversion so it will convert from eu to us and japan and all that so yep um so something like that uh this is what you can do and then additional you can add additional brand like uh so something like that and there you have it so now you have your clothing sizes and i don't know like how it's used yet but yeah maybe you can then just send some closing or something i don't know but there you have it

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