How to add co-hosts in Twitter Spaces?

hey everyone so here is twitter and recently twitter added more features to twitter spaces which is a real time audio so to add co-host here is what you need to do tap on the to start a twitter space and then [Music] you can just start your space and then here you can invite co-hosts just search for people in this space so people should join your twitter space and then you can just invite co-host um and then you can also invite so there can be two co-hosts and then can be 10 speakers so 10 spots for speakers and then of course a lot of listeners but to invite speakers of course yeah so for example if i select this i can just invite speaker in white or i can invite co-host so just select that okay so probably the account should also have access to uh to the twitter spaces but that's about it that features was just added hope you enjoyed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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