How to add device in Blink app?

to add device in blink app just tap plus in top right and then here you can see all the devices which are currently available to pair up with the blink app so you have blink wireless camera system blink wireless camera mini camera blink video doorbell camera accessories so you can start with the sync module then add wireless camera so just tap here and then you just need to capture the qr code on the device or you can enter serial number manually so you can just enter serial number and then yeah so and then there is a guide in the bottom which can help you to find qr code serial number so something like that this is just an example that it can be located on the back of your module on the wireless camera it's also on the back it's just different sticker here it's a bit hidden also on the back so just in case you don't know where it is that's where it is located so yeah that's how it works

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