here is locate widget app and after a new update you can add separate widgets for each separate friend or group of friends on this app so here i just have a locket widget app and you can just open it up and i will just show you how it's it's works so you just tap in the top left and then here you have all the widgets which you can create so for each group of people you create a new widget so you just name it and then you just select uh people who should belong to this widget uh you can be one friend it could be multiple friends and then you can just yeah just add it so here as you can see i have widgets called everyone colleagues travel class friends uh friends and in this of these widgets there are like different groups of people and now what you do you just add a widget like you usually can do just tap and hold you can see app jiggly tap plus in the top part and then you can just search for locket and then you add widgets so now we have two widgets you can ask well so to be just showing the same photos why do i need two well now there is a new feature so if you tap and hold you can have this added widget functionality and now you can pick a widget so here you can pick all these pages i have just shown you like travel class friends colleagues or friends so here i can just tap travel and this will be my travel peeps like travel friends and here i can edit widget and select something like class friends or or just specific friends so here in the bottom i have a list a specific friend which i can add here like that so that's what you can do and then yeah you just have these four colleagues and in these two widgets in first one you will receive only photos from friends in the second widget you will receive only photos from colleagues so these are two different types of photos and it won't be the same photos in two widgets so that's basically how it looks like um yeah that's a new feature just update the locket video to the latest app and this should be working

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