How to add e-nft app to homescreen on iPhone?

okay so if you're trying to download in nifty app so you just try to search an app store there is no app like that because what they have here is just um progressive web app it means that you need to create an account on just your enter your email address password create a free account and then uh you will have a link there to click let's so let's see here so something like this and then you will see download and nifty apps just tap there and then just tap to share and then add to home screen like this and then just tap add and then this app will appear on your home screen and then probably you can even search for it like this and then you can just open it up and it will open in a browser or something and then you can just use your login details the same you used on the website um okay for some reason the login doesn't work but anyways it should work so that's the idea how you install nft app on iphone                                

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