How to add FrankSpeech APP BOOKMARK to iPhone HomeScreen?

to add friend speech app icon to your home screen on iphone here is the website go to the website tap share in the middle uh bottom there is like a share icon scroll here and then there is an option add to home screen and then you will be able to add this uh icon and it will be added to your home screen so you can quickly access this website you can rename the icon but you can't change the website url and then you can just tap add and there you have it so now you can see there is this frank speech app icon now i just open it up and it will redirect me into the to the website um and this website even looks like it's or native in the app so it because yeah it will just open your standard default browser like chrome or safari but uh here it's just looks like it's um it's native app yes there is no mobile app so there is just a website so it simplifies your usage

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