How to add friends in AVA app?

so to add friends in ava in our app uh what you need to do so for example you have a transcript here and you just tap on the plus icon in top left and then you can invite people to your our room now download needed you will see their captions here so they can just go to slash my username and they can just enter my room you can also search for for friends here [Music] like for by friends uh username you can invite contacts you can search my contacts so something like that and then you can just return to captions so the the uh coolness of this app as would you say so it's like audio app but this generates transcriptions for a group chat so imagine you want to just hang out with friends and have some group chat what what would you do is like create some whatsapp group or like messenger group chat or something like that but then you need to type and if you want to create audio chat you will need to create audio chats it's also sometimes it's annoying here you just i'm just speaking and it's creating a normal text chat so it's like very kind of hands-free experience if you don't like typing for example i'm still not good at typing super fast if i need to type like some super long message it can take me like you know a lot a lot of time so uh there you have it interesting app give it a try shall

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