how to add friend to a chat in the chai uh so chai is a chat with ai bots just basically you're chatting messaging with some ai algorithm but the fun part here is that you can add friends so that's the cool part so when you're in the chat tap three dots here and just tap add front and then you can add by friend code and also you can just get a link so share to invite your friends here you can and then just invite it shares this link or add by a friend code how to find the friend code here is my friend code i can just copy it and share this code to allow your friends to get you in their chats so i copy this code and then i can just go here and like you know tap three dots and then add friend and then copy this code here like that and then i just need to pass it but not my code so your friend needs to share his her code and then you will be able to add that code and basically start chatting with friends so that's the cool part about this app is that you are not just chatting along like with some ai chatbot but your you can do it with friends and uh like the the reviews about this app is that actually it got pretty pretty okay replies during the last year and yeah you can just hang out with friends and also with your friendly ai chatbot so that can be interesting time spent so yeah i hope it can be interesting

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