How to ADD FRIENDS in Discz app?

so to add friends in disk z app so here is the app it's trending a lot right now in the music category on us app store so what you need to do is just go to your profile in bottom right and then um yeah just uh tap on plus icon and then you can just add or invite friends uh you can just add your contacts from your like you know contact list on their phone add your contacts to share your tracks and see what your friends are listening to so you can do that you can also explore and then just uh follow some people from here so something like that and yeah so that's the idea of this app i don't know if you i don't think you can add friends and then you can message them so it's not possible uh but at least you can follow your friends and then you can discover what your friends are listening to and like you can show to your friends what you are listening to and this app will really help you a lot how to how to find new artists and how to find new tracks

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