here's how about apps so to add friends here just tap in the top right and then uh here you have all the options to add friends using either whatsapp i message other app number on just nervy function so for example if i do your imessage i will just open my imessage and then i will just share my unique how about link and admin how about and this is my request i can also add and sync my contacts i can also find friends from facebook so that's basically it then i just have my friends here i can again add friends so if you don't know how about it's like an app where you can organize different cool activities with your friends like where you can just plan like for example here you can just do that and then yeah you can just create some party or just invite some people it's basically like a facebook you want but it's just much better everything is one app you can clearly organize and event in a better way so that's that's the app

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