so to add friends in live peak a widget app all you need to do you can just go to your camera tap in uh icon in the top right front icon then you can just search by username you can search your phone number you can also invite your friends just copy link to your profile or just send like invitation via sms if they are not using this app um then you can just search for you know the profiles and just add people here so you can follow them uh you can see their moments and yeah i don't know yeah and then you can just add contacts from your iphone as well so i don't know if it's possible to send the amps maybe it should be possible to send tmz here but yeah that's quite interesting so it's if you're using locket widget that's that's a very similar app live peak but live peak also has social element it's kind of like instagram and so you have friends you can add them and uh it's more like a social feed so quite interesting app

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