How to add friends in locksmith widget?

how to add friends in locksmith widgets so just tap on the yeah on the image here and then you can just tap add partner here you can just uh invite someone people just you can just tap add and then you will be able to send them message uh via VIA iMessage and then it will just link uh to the App Store link and you will just have some kind of invitation message where they can be invited then you can just search you can type in white by text um so there you have it something like it and yeah you can also just tap add partner in the bottom you will open the same menu it's not possible to to use anything here uh without adding friends first so this app is kind of like a new project by sanded team which was uh yeah quite viral already it's like send it app and some other bunch of apps but now with the release of new lock screen features on iPhone uh yeah now this app is uh uh yeah it's kind of getting more and more downloads

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