How to add friends in nospace app?

To add friends in the NoSpace app, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and locate the search button.
  2. Tap on the search button to access the search feed.
  3. In the search feed, you can search for people by their username.
  4. Enter the username of the person you want to add as a friend.
  5. Once you find the desired profile, tap on it to view more details.
  6. On the profile page, you will find an option to "Add Friend."
  7. Tap on the "Add Friend" button to send a friend request to that person.

It is important to note that while using the NoSpace app, there may be a presence of both genuine users and bots. It is always wise to be cautious and aware of the profiles you interact with. Exercise discretion and consider verifying the authenticity of an account before accepting friend requests.

Adding friends on NoSpace app is straightforward, and you can easily connect with people of interest. By utilizing the search feature and sending friend requests, you can expand your circle and engage with others on the platform.

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