How to add friends in Peloton app?

hey there so here is peloton app so how to add friends on your paletton account so members can have maximum 2000 followers and you can follow up to 2000 members so i think you need to be a palatal member to do this so to add friends if you're a peloton username you just need to tap on three white dots in the lower right hand corner select find palette and members so yeah then you can just tap on friends username will be brought to their profile page and then just follow so after following it means basically the same as adding friends on palaton as i understand to add friends via facebook just tap on three white dots in the lower right hand corner select find facebook friends if you have any friends on facebook they will be displayed and you can click the follow button add them you can also add friends online just go to and login with my username click three dots select find members press follow and there you have it so that's that's how it works uh i guess um if you have your profile you will see how many followers you have and how many uh people you are following so from here i can just tap follow and then that's i'm following to add facebook friends i just need to connect to facebook from here so yeah just go to your profile tab and tap find members hope that is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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