so how to add friends on shuffles app i'm just discovering here so if i tap in search icon in top left there are a lot of accounts because these are all pinterest accounts which are not connected yet to shuffles app so then i can just search like that and then i can actually follow someone but there is no option to add as a friend or i don't know maybe this account will follow me back and then we kind of become friends but the fun part is that in top right you can tap on three dots and then you can just message someone without being friends you can view pinterest profile and dm on pinterest you can share profile copy profile url block or report so all the standard features of social media app which you can see on this profile you can see previous shuffles by this user and just have an overview anyhow so i don't think it's possible to have friends it's more like a app where you discover all these different images and collages by other users and then you can just follow them hope this is helpful

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