to add friends in blend playlist uh so you can either add friends to existing blend playlist so your first of all just go to search type and search for blend here you will see all your blend playlists so for example here is existing blend playlist you can just tap here and then you will be able to invite more so you can invite up to 10 people and then you can invite other people your friends to this blend then you can just also create a blend and then invite friends here so that's how you add friends then you can just share it your messenger or anything and this is how the invite link in with action link would look like so that's what you can do so blend playlist is the kind of new feature on spotify it's a social recommendation playlist meaning that it will combine uh your most uh listened to track from you and your friends so if you're actively listening to some track and uh your friend is actively listening that they will be combined in this spotify blend playlist

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